Movie Posters for the Man Cave

Most men have a Man Cave – or at least should. What a better way to decorate than to hang the best “man” movie posters of all time. See the list below to see if your favorite movie made the list.
Ladies, these make great gifts for birthdays and holidays!


The Shawshank Redemption

Why guys love it: Being wrongly imprisoned, seeking revenge and beating the system all while  befriending Morgan Freeman.


The Godfather

Why guys love it: Leave the gun take the cannoli. Enough said.

The Godfather Movie Poster

The Dark Knight

Why guys love it: A more realistic, badass view on the classic batman story.


Pulp Fiction

Why guys love it: Who doesn’t like Pulp Fiction? Samuel L Jackson is a bad mo fo!

Pulp Fiction Movie Poster

Fight Club

Why guys love it: A raunchy, over-the-top movie where every man wishes they could be in a real fight club.

Fight Club Movie Poster


Why guys love it: Based off of a true story makes this one of the greatest mob movies ever made.

Goodfellas Movie Poster

Star Wars

Why guys love it: An original sci fi classic that everyone ever has seen. If you need ask why, then you’re not American.

Star Wars Movie Poster

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Why guys love it: Every little boy grows up wishing they were Indianna Jones.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Poster

Saving Private Ryan

Why guys love it: What man doesn’t like a war movie? This being one of the best in the past 20 years.

Saving Private Ryan Movie Poster

Back to the Future

Why guys love it: Growing up, every little boy dreamed of traveling to the future … or back in time.

Back to the Future Movie Poster


Why guys love it: The epitome of a perfect guy movie with epic battles to the death.

Braveheart Movie Poster

Die Hard

Why guys love it: Every guy would like to think they’d act just like John McClane in a hostage situation.

Die Hard Movie Poster


Why guys love it: Most men love to quote this movie more than any other. A legendary gangster movie with tons of crime drama.

Scarface Movie Poster


Why guys love it: A rags-to-riches perfect American dream story.

Rocky Movie Poster

All 15 of these movie poster are instant “Man Classics” covering everything from war to drugs to fights to adventure to good vs evil. Every man can relate to at least of one these movies in one way or another. Why wouldn’t you want to decorate your Man Cave with infamous movie posters who allow you to become the character. Which one is your favorite?