Undoubtedly, PrintKEG prints some seriously excellent booklets and newsletters. Each booklet is full bleed, saddle-stiched (fancy term for stapled), and full color, making them great for almost any book type, including comic books, calendars, event guides, and playbills. Our customers receive a super high-quality item for unbelievably low prices.

We’ve explained our options to a degree, but clearly it’s time to explain each of the booklet/newsletter options in more detail.

Size – Currently, we offer five extremely popular sizes (Half Size, Full Size, Calendars, and two Comic Books). Half-sized booklets measure 5.5″ X 8.5″ once finished, or folded, and they’re great for almost any occasion (guides, graphic novels, playbills) while costing a little less than the fuller size price. Our full sized books measure 8.5″ X 11″ after folding and are perfect for newsletters and magazines. Our square CD books measure 4.75″ X 4.75″ once folded and are utilized as…CD booklets. As of late, square print sizes have risen greatly in popularity so we’ve printed some interesting concepts that are not-so-CD-bookish. Comic Books may sometimes be the same size as a booklet, but a couple classic dimensions include 6.75″ x 10.25″ or 7″ x 10.25″.

Pages – This seems to be confusing for some people – and that’s okay. Basically, a booklet has to be at least four pages (one sheet folded in half becomes four pages) which means all booklet page counts must be in multiples of four. This is why we offer options that read like “8 pages / 2 sheets.” This accommodates people thinking in terms of sheets and those counting pages in the document. The cover is “page 1.”

newsletter pages explained

Paper – Each paper type is specifically engineered for booklet purposes. Customers are simply choosing whether the booklet is to be glossy or matte (uncoated). Glossy is our most popular paper; therefore it is the cheapest in price yet quality is not sacrificed. In fact, glossy booklets may appear richer than matte booklets. Our matte paper is “greener” and less shiny. Both papers make wonderful inner pages to any booklet, magazine or newsletter.

# of Books – It’s nice to be able to order ten books or six hundred and not be gouged in price. Our website allows order quantities up to fifteen hundred booklets. Customers needing higher quantities are asked to speak with a PrintKEG representative since some orders may be outside the scope of “short run printing” which is what we focus on. We’ve printed many booklet orders over fifteen hundred, but we like to attain more information before accepting the work.

Upgrade Cover? For full-size booklets, calendars and comic books, customers are given an opportunity to increase the thickness of the covers. There are only two options: Glossy and matte. We recommend choosing a glossy cover if the inner pages are going to be glossy.

Proof? – In each case, we prefer customers to receive a physical proof before moving forward with printing final order. This ensures the booklet appears as intended, and allows for a final opportunity to locate unnoticed errors. Proofs are typically mailed via UPS Ground or Next Day, but all proofs will have a maximum transit time no longer than three days. If UPS Ground would take more than three days to reach destination, we upgrade the shipping at no extra cost.

No proof – We cannot guarantee top-quality booklets for customers selecting the “no proof” type. We only offer “no proof” since some customers are under a serious time crunch. For booklets, a digital proof is not very helpful.

Setup Fee? – Our designers help adjust art ensuring prints are properly tailored to our processes. We search for obvious mistakes and initiate a thorough quality assurance process that goes beyond what is required by other print products such as flyers and postcards. In some cases, we may ask for a edsign fee that is typically around $29.


I hope that clears up some information about our booklet printing, but if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear about your upcoming project!