Thanks To All!


Last month, PrintKEG was fortunate to experience the highest revenue ever for a February beating last year by a whopping 25%! To me, this feels like such a huge accomplishment especially since the print media is continuously getting beat down by the digital realm. Thank you to every single person who has ordered, considered ordering or has visited our website. Every single one of you is important to us.

But how did we get here? As a small businessperson, it’s tough to measure every aspect of the company, but sometimes it’s a no-brainer. Of course, our amazing prices have a huge impact on revenue, but it’s our customer service and quality that brings everything together. It wouldn’t matter if we gave away prints for free if the service behind the product was no good. We take our PrintKEG Promise seriously and caring for recurring customers is our #1 priority. Sure, new sales and prospects are important to us, but it’s the people coming back that allows us to flourish and become a better company.

We’re still a few weeks away from finally adding vinyl banners and decals to the mix. Our team is also researching whether we can efficiently provide canvas giclée printing and window signage at cheap prices. One thing is clear: Great new products are on the way. We’ve launched new products before and while some we’ve discontinued, these new additions I’m extremely excited about.

Once again, thanks to every single one of you. We really do appreciate every customer and look forward to continuing the growth of our little print shop in South Carolina!

Chris Mullen
PrintKEG Co-founder
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