Free Giveaway Information

Hi there! If your blog or website has been selected for our free giveaway, please read further. We likely contacted you via Twitter, Facebook or other social media location and welcome you to


We are offering a $50 credit for 3 of your website’s followers plus yourself. All we ask is that you hold a special contest of some sort and mention with an outgoing link. Where and how you link to us is entirely up to you.


We can offer free prints instead. Rather than giving your three winners a $50 discount, we could offer 250 free business cards, 1 free canvas print, 1 free large poster, 1 free t-shirt, 25 free flyers of any size, 1 free banner etc.


Who are we? Our company prints custom flyers, posters, t-shirts, stickers and more. We focus on small projects at very low prices with a mission of helping artists become successful entrepreneurs by being able to sell their work profitably. Once you decide the winners, we will provide a unique coupon code for each. Learn more about us.

If you are interested, please just launch your contest and submit the contest page link to us. To discuss further, please do not hesitate to call Chris Mullen at 843-379-1198 or email him at

If we did not contact you, but you are interested in the program please contact us and be sure to include a link to your website and provide details.