Cheap Ways To Resell Photography

Just this past Thanksgiving week, my family visited St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Turks And Caicos through Carnival. During our 7-day bonanza of storms, hidden fees and bickering, I couldn’t help notice all the photography surrounding me. Clearly, many professionals were taking advantage of vacation time by snapping some pictures for selling purposes.

Many of PrintKEG’s clients are professional photographers making a living from their keen eyes while others simply print photos as a hobby. Either way, PrintKEG has numerous photo printing services that will save most photographers considerably. We specialize in helping artists become more profitable and photographers are no exception.

Large Photography Printing

Some of the prices we offer for wide format photography printing is staggering. 16×20 and 18×24 photographic prints costs only $10.95 and are discounted via quantity selection. 20×30 costs only $18 and 24×36 only $18.95. But how does this compare to our rivals?


Company 16×20 20×30 24×36
Snapfish 14.95 19.99 n/a
Shutterfly 16.95 22.99 n/a
Walgreens 15.99 23.99 29.99
Printkeg 10.95 18.25 18.95


Shutterfly seems to only provide wide format photo prints with margins. None of the above services (except for PrintKEG) offers discounts based on quantities two or more that I could find. Each company seems to have a method for free shipping and all prices are based on everyday prices. When ordering 5 or more photo prints, we offer an amazing price savings when compared to the other photo print services.

PrintKEG offers four quality media types for printing large photographs including photo gloss paper, photo matte paper and artistic canvas. Canvas photo prints can be printed as single sheets or wrapped around .75″ durable frames.

holiday canvas printing
The above picture displays the color richness and clarity of PrintKEG’s large photograph canvas prints.

Smaller Photo Prints


Company 5×7 8×10 11×14
Snapfish .79 2.99 6.99
Shutterfly .99 3.99 7.99
Walgreens 2.49 3.99 10.99
Printkeg n/a 1.61 3.14


As you can see, when it comes to price, PrintKEG rules. Each company does have unique advantages over the other ranging from photo storage, unique product types, interesting pickup options, free shipping options and discount availabilities.

Each photo print company provides different photo paper types. Snapfish simply indicates using a matte finish photographic paper, Shutterfly utilizes a Fuji crystal archival paper, Walgreens offers an unspecified matte or gloss photo paper, while Printkeg prints on a 100# glossy cover paper stock. When it comes to making orders like 25 individual 5×7 or 4×6 photo prints, Printkeg is not really an option since those sizes require a 25 minimum quantity per art file.

8x10 photo printing
The above image demonstrates the quality of PrintKEG’s 8×10 and 11×14 photo prints.

Ordering Custom Photos

Shutterfly and Walgreens both offer a same-day pickup option from many locations across the nation, which is a nice feature. I did not track down any prices that might be affiliated with that service. All four print companies will ship photos and all seem to sporadically offer some kind of free shipping program.