Flyer templates from Graphic River

Flyer and Postcard Template Sources For Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents heavily rely on templates for print materials such as feature sheet flyers, postcards, brochures and business cards. There are a number of solutions and destinations allowing agents to download or create printable files that look ultra-professional and fit within any budget.

Graphic River

Flyer templates from Graphic River hosts a ton of templates for real estate flyers, booklets, postcards, brochures and business cards. Templates only cost about $6 to $20 and each download provides a high resolution PSD (PhotoShop) file that is easily editable by people familiar with Adobe software. All files typically have commercial printers in mind so bleed areas and color mode (CMYK) are pre-configured.

Pro: Many beautiful designs and sizes available. Fully-layered and well documented PSD files are provided.

Con: User must have understanding of Adobe software to make changes.

Flyer Templates from SnapFlyers

For $99, provides 12 real estate flyer templates that can be quickly downloaded. Each design can be completely manipulated from any PC or Mac, but Adobe Reader must be downloaded first. Once Adobe Reader is downloaded, each template will automatically open up through the program and modifications can begin. Finished art can be printed directly or saved and sent to a commercial printer later. Snapflyers is also beginning to tackle postcard templates, but only one template was available at the time of this writing.

Pro: Technical skills are not required. Templates are nicely designed and clean.

Con: Limited templates (only 12) are a downer.

Microsoft Office

Real estate postcard template for Publisher

Microsoft Office provides a realm of printable templates suited for real estate agents including marketing flyers, envelopes, postcards, posters, invitations and newsletters. The best aspect of using Word of Publisher for creating flyers is the fact that these templates are free. Microsoft has partnered with a variety of third party design studios to offer a buffet of template choices for almost any real estate office.

Pro: Templates are easy to edit and free to download.

Con: Many templates do not accommodate bleed areas and may not be 100% ready for commercial printing.

99 Designs

Real Estate Design by 99 Designs

Some real estate agencies are not keen on the idea of relying on templates and prefer to advertise with a unique flyer design catered to the company’s brand. 99 Designs is a fairly inexpensive method of acquiring a professional design at relatively low cost. You begin the process by compiling design specifications. As designers compete for your business, you provide feedback eventually selecting a winner. I have used this service for logo design in the past, and it works great.

Pro: Designer does all the work and projects are unique.

Con: The process can be lengthy when compared to downloading templates, and costs begin at $199 (varies per project type).


Through online designer, many online commercial printers also provide numerous templates for real estate purposes while others (like us) depend on customers to provide their own design. When using a printer’s online designer, customers are usually unable to save for future use with another vender. As mentioned, there are a great deal of paths to choose when searching for beautiful and effective real estate oriented templates. Good Luck!