Han Solo I Know Card
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Far Out Star Wars Valentines Day Cards

Like millions of other Star Wars fans in the galaxy, we are ridiculously excited and rather anxious, about the upcoming Disney-produced Star Wars movies. This Valentines Day is the perfect time to show that special geek in your life that the force of love is strong (but avoid mentioning midi-chlorian to them). While cruising through the Etsy solar system, we discovered some wonderful cards only a certified nerf-herder would appreciate.

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This first card sold on Etsy “You’re the Obi-Won for me” is an extremely popular card on Tatooine with over 1500 reviews. The artwork is printed on a thick 4.25×5.5 stock accompanied by a 100% recycled ivory envelope and wrapped in biodegradable packaging.

Valentines Star Wars R2-D2 card

Recently debuting, this Star Wars “I love you” card employs the surprising Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens teaser launched at the end of 2014. This card is printed on heavy card stock with a blank inside for a lengthy message or a simple “I love you.” and includes a pearl-colored envelope.

Star Wars Force Awakens Valentines Card

This next card “Yoda one for me” by TinyBeeCards has a really clean design that captured my attention. This 4.25 x 5.5 card is printed on premium paper stock and comes with a fitted white envelope.

Yoda One for Me Star Wars Valentines Day Card

Artist, designcorner, has a number of very funny love cards perfect for Valentines including this “You light up my day” card. There are also Leia, Chewbacca, and Lionel Richard cards that rule. A glow stick is inserted in the cover waiting to be snapped so it can glow like a real lightsaber! Perfect for the Star Wars fan, kids, or kids at heart, and great for any occasion. The artist’s illustration is double mounted to quality colored textured stock.

Luke Skywalker Valentines Card

Boba Fett is quite possibly the most significant film bounty hunter ever known. Digitally printed on heavyweight 110# ivory card stock, any Star Wars fan will greatly appreciate this hand-drawn card while also being the villain’s booty. With over 1500 reviews, artist Sweetgeek, prints these cards on 4.25×5.5 heavy ivory card stock accompanied with an envelope.

Boba Fett Valentines Card

This clever “I know” Star Wars card by SARNSTIE will likely register with fans and non-fans. Inside, the card lets the receiver know this means “I Love You” in Star Wars language. One of my personal favorites, this 5.5 X 4 card is handmade and printed using Epson archival ink.

Han Solo I Know Card

Awww. We just love the force on Valentine’s Day. If your mate is an old school Star Wars fan, this next “I  love you to the death star and back” card design by MySweetPaperCard is interstellar.

Stars Wars card with death star

You cannot go wrong with an R2-D2 Valentines Day card. WellDrawnCards at Etsy offers a variety of awesome geek-related cards for almost any holiday including this next example.

The most memed aspect of Star Wars belongs to stormtroopers shooting accuracy. I mean DEAR LORD MAN. No wonder the empire lost so much. They totally failed on weapons training. This next card by FrecklelandSpecs is pretty darn funny for that Star Wars lover in your life.

Finally, Chewbacca fans cannot be ignored! Thank you CalliopeCorner for this “I Am Lost Without Chew” card is a digital download card that can be printed at any commercial printer (like us) or at home.


Clearly, there are hundreds to thousands of more cards on Etsy related to Star Wars. We hope these cards help get those brain juices flowing for our fellow artists who wish to create and print new ideas celebrating our rejuvenated interest in the most prolific science-fiction franchise of our generation.