A while back, Printkeg added hang tags to its promotional and postcard products lineup to help small business owners, shop owners and artists selling products. Today, we thought we’d explore the online world for easy rectangular design hang tag ideas that almost anyone can duplicate. Here are some ideas for hang tags that graphic designers and entrepreneurs will appreciate:

Ideas for Hang Tags

The other day on Instagram, we showcased some nice thank you cards and this “thank you tag” discovered at Pinterest caught our attention. This day and age, a classically printed thank you can go a long way with customers. Thank you tags might also be a more economical alternative to thank you cards.

Thank you tags for retailers - Ideas for Hang Tags #1

Even a clean, minimally designed hang tag can improve a package or product drastically. The below two retail tags will increase brand recognition and positive customer perception.

Clean and Minimally designer hang tag

Simple tag

There are a few things we like about the next hang tag idea. First, the “Kraft” appearance has this simplistic organic feeling that brings a natural element. Second, the layered element of combining two sizes of tags together brings more attention to the medium and carries a more artistic vibe.

Double Tags

Here is another example of a “layered” hang tag.

Layered Tag

When designing hang tags, there are two other essential components to consider – the drilled hole and the hanging mechanism. The hole placement is typically placed in the top middle, but the corners are often times great options. The hanging mechanism should be carefully considered as well. String, wire, plastic and ribbon are common solutions.

Custom hang tags

At Printkeg, hang tags come in three sizes: 2×3.5, 2×4 and 2×6 and include drilled holes in the top center.

Need more hang tag ideas? Pinterest offers a wealthy gallery of tag designs.

If you would like assistance with designing a hang tag that is right for your retail store, please feel free to contact our customer service.