Digital Proofs for Large Posters

Digital Proofs Policy Change

For years, we did not offer digital proofs for large posters and banners, but that policy has recently changed.

We stopped providing digital proofs for LARGE POSTERS and BANNERS since the trim area, or bleed area, is so much smaller than our other print products.

Art is slightly stretched and only about 1/16th (.0625) of an inch of each side is cut off (1/8th for banners). This ensures the poster is “borderless” or “full bleed.” If your art contains a margin, then the margin is preserved. Since large format cutting is extremely precise and generally has less problems, a digital proof seemed unnecessarily time consuming.

We changed our minds. The digital proof option has been resurrected to help us avoid possible missing text and images. Also, some customers use the digital proof as a last step in finalizing before printing. The cost for each digital proof is $5.

We hope everyone welcomes this new change.