UPDATE (12/21/2012) – 27 x 40 poster printing is a standard size we’ve offered on our large poster printing page for quite some time now. 27 X 42 was added as well for movie producers seeking to accommodate frames with the extra inches. In the last few years, we have greatly expanded our movie poster printing service as more producers and marketers have selected us to provide short runs. It has been quite rewarding seeing the amazing posters we’ve printed for numerous upcoming films. Aside from 27×40, we’ve also seen a number of customers select 24×36.

We print numerous movie and film posters
We offer a new poster printing size – 27 x 40. This is a popular size for movie posters. Since many of our customers are movie marketers AND we had a special request, why not give this poster size a shot? If we get a good response we may add this size permanently. Sweet!

Large posters are mostly printed on photo gloss or photo matte media which can be utilized in a number of settings including most backlit environments.