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Creating Social Media Graphics Using PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a pretty nifty online template designer that allows every day Joe’s to create beautiful graphics for anything from business cards to Instagram pictures. For only $5.99 per month (if you pay annually), you gain access to thousands of designs for a wide range of project types.

I am a huge fan of, but I was impressed with the wide range of customization functionality that PicMonkey has to offer. See for yourself:

PicMonkey control panel
  • Classic Editing – Cropping, resizing, rotating of objects. You can also do things like sharpen and clone.
  • Effects – Add effects like moonlight, soften, gradients, gritty and so much more.
  • Touchup – Using makeup language, you are provided with many ways to manipulate an image. Think terms like eyeliner, weight loss, highlights, spray tan etc.
  • Text – PicMonkey offers far more fonts that places like Canva.
  • Graphics – Many graphics of varying sizes are available for almost anything you can think of.
  • Frames – Options for cuts outs, customizable edges, matte-like margins provide a platter of ways to create unique designs.
  • Textures – Add textures to almost any object. A few examples of the many features include textile, glitter, botanical, paper, clouds and seasonal.
  • Themes – Finally, there are many themes to choose that can be applied to any given template.

Here a few examples of template designs we found at PicMonkey for use on social networks.

Instagram template
I am always looking for ways to make professional Instagram posts, and my social networking guy won’t give me his list of amazing apps to help with that. Next best thing is PicMonkey or Canva.
Facebook cover template
Facebook covers are a pain to tail to make for non-designers such as myself. PicMonkey does host some pretty nice designs that you can customize and upload within minutes.
Facebook ad graphic
Facebook ads in square format are popular and effective. Thankfully there are many templates for the this this format on PicMonkey.
Pinterest image template
Initially, I thought it was strange for PicMonkey to serve templates tailored to Pinterest since you can literally pin almost any size image onto the platform. However, if you are hyper-focused on this avenue of social sharing, PicMonkey has thought about you. For our store- Flashback Gear, we receive large amounts of traffic from Pinterest and so can you!
Infographic template
Infographics have been the rage for years now and that will likely continue. With PicMonkey, you can make some pretty slick infographics that will surely impress on your blog.


We only recently discovered PicMonkey, and honestly, we were not impressed at first glance since the number of overall templates seemed low. However, after trying the service out for a few designs, the customization process was fun and easy to perform. I am not sure if this platform can compete with the likes of Canva, but it might give you a refreshing method to add to your arsenal for creating professional graphics.

We have no affiliation with PicMonkey. They have no idea that Printkeg, or myself, exist. This review was solely based on my personal experience with the platform.

About the Author

Chris Mullen is an entrepreneur who started print company, Printkeg, and geek store, Flashback Gear. Living in the small town of Beaufort, South Carolina, he spends his spare time writing and hanging out with his family. His views do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either company.