2011 And Beyond

Happy New Years everyone! 2010 made the outlook for 2011 look great! When we glimpse back over the past couple years, its pretty amazing what we’ve accomplished so far.

So what DID we accomplish in 2010? And where are we going?

We’ve added tons of products and sizes – Each month, we’ve added more sizes and products but only in areas we could be absolutely great in. Examples include 6 X 9 postcards, smaller stationery sizes, way more large poster sizes, bookmarks and much more! We already have more ideas for 2011.

We finally transitioned ourselves into a full fledged online printing company, while still able to properly service local customers too. Three years ago, we were a completely different company. Not that we were a bad company, we just didn’t have clear direction and were still finding our way as many young companies must do. In 2011, we plan to be even more aggressive in our online marketing efforts.

Shirt printing came and went. We dabbed into shirt printing in 2010 and it was pretty successful. Unfortunately, we were outsourcing the service and that relationship ended. The venture was successful enough that we are investing heavily on bringing shirt printing in-house in 2011 and we’re super excited! IT WILL be better than ever.

We dropped blueprint services. It really stinks losing customers, but in the end, we were not the best fit for local blueprint customers anymore. Many of those folks supported us a long time and we hope many of them continue to utilize the many print services we still offer.

Hello Stationery! Late 2010, we launched stationery designs just in time for Christmas. We will be adding tons of designs in 2011 for thank you notes, more occasions and events, parties invitations and more. UPDATE: This is no longer available.

We’ve become more efficient. Late 2009 and 2010, we continued to advance our own internal processes including developing our own web-based software that allows us to stay organized and efficient. In 2011, we intend to make huge improvements of that system.

We added a mobile site. Adding a mobile site was very important to us this year. By the end of 2011 we hope to also launch our own Iphone/Ipad apps. Adding a mobile site was the stepping stone we needed to better understand what we wanted out of an app.

More social than ever. We hit 500 facebook friends, 500 foursquare friends, focused on Twitter and much more! This year, we will be hoping to grow our fan lists, but more importantly focusing more on what it all means and how we can make those interactions more meaningful.

We have big plans, HUGE plans, RIDICULOUS plans for 2011 and look forward to working with all of you!