Web Marketing Tips (Part 4 – Blogging)

Everyone has a blog these days and its for good reason. Blogs allow you to constantly grow your website and are great for attracting new AND repeat traffic. You absolutely must embrace your blog. If you don’t have the time to blog, then pass on the task to a capable and knowledgeable employee.

Blogging will affect traffic and revenue. Your blog will attract a variety of searchers that might use keywords and phrases in ways you never anticipated. These new visitors can become steady sources of traffic and will eventually translate into customers buying goods and services.

46. Blog ALOT – Be sure you a blog located on your domain. Blog all the time (at least three times a week). Talk about everything going on in your business. We blog about any fun facts about our company, unique print projects, new products or anything interesting about us. This will help you grow your website with content rich information. In most cases, try and stay within the parameters of your website. If you’re a small printing company, you may not want to blog about movies (maybe movie posters). Blogging is spider bait and search engines love updated content. Be sure your content is rich, grammatically correct, unique and interesting.

47. Use your keywords – Be sure to use keywords used by the industry in your blogs. Link to your own pages when possible. Try to find a nice mix of linking and not appearing spammy.

48. Tag everything– Be sure to utilize tags while blogging. Each page should be tagged with essential keywords for that post. Title tags, alt tags, H1 tags, links, images etc.

49. Blog elsewhere – Visit other sites like your own and get involved on their blog. I am weakest at this, but it could lead to great sources of traffic and links.

50. Keep Linking – In each post, try to link to other pages on your site. This helps spiders travel and search engines see more important keywords.

51. Link to other blogs – Other bloggers stay tuned to other blogs linking to them. Try to link to others relevant to your specialty or business.

52. Blogrolls – Blogrolls are a list of blogs that an author endorses. Outgoing links you promote can be advantageous

53. Try Tumblr – This is a neat blogging system and can be tied in with WordPress.

54. Try Blogger – Sign up for Google’s Blogger. If you are using WordPress, tie them together with a plugin.

55. Try – You should ties your blog to or just use WordPress is using tags to do more with the all the content published on its platform like. Check our, the first of many expected WordPress projects that could lead to incoming links.

56. Friendly Links – Each blogging system has methods allowing you to incorporate search engine friendly links. (ex: cheap-posters.html) Before blogging begins, be sure your post links are set up properly.

57. Welcome comments – Comments can create interesting dialogue full of rich content. Just be careful of spam. There should be some kind of spam control for your blogging system.

Blogging will play a vital role in keeping your customers updated, adding good content to your website and participating in social networking, which is our next web marketing topic.