In our humble opinion, AMC’s 5th season of The Walking Dead is having an incredibly delicious year: Amazing story, top notch acting and incredible zombie scenes. This week AMC announced a companion series that will debut later this year. That series was already renewed for a second season despite not even being aired yet. More human munching apocalypse sounds good to us especially when the great Robert Kirkman is involved.

Just the other day, we printed some very cool 8×10’s for a very talented artist that included The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon which of course immediately made us think about skimming Etsy for more examples of killer prints celebrating the groundbreaking series.

walking dead 8x10 prints

Here are some very cool prints pertaining to The Walking Dead.

Rick Grime Watercolor Print

Available as an 8×10 or 13×19 print from an original watercolor painting, this Rick Grimes poster created by idillard can be yours for $20. The artist has also completed fine works protraying Walter White, Doctor Who, Edward Scissorhands and much more. Original and custom projects are available.

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Watercolor poster


Michonne Painting Print

This 8×10 The Walking Dead print by goodtothelastcrop is professionally printed on Kodak Professional Photo Paper with a Satin finish. The original painting uses actual pieces from the comics to create a collage on the canvas. The artist painted over these black and white images from the graphic novel creating a personal version of Michonne’s character. In some areas, those images “pop” through the paint creating an interesting visual.

Michonne print


Daryl Dixon Print

Inspired by Daryl Dixon, this wall art or poster by BixelStreetMedia is sized at 11×17. The original art sketch was completed in pencil and graphite then scanned, cleaned and polished for printing purposes. The artists offers all prints are on high quality semi-glossy or matte print stock.

Daryl Dixon Print


Hershel 4×6 Print

The TV version of Hershel was masterfully played by Scott Wilson. He gave us a sense of moral and wiseness not quite captured by other characters. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but we can still honor the character with this wonderfully crafted 4×6 print by MikeboneDesign.

Hershel Print


Star Wars / Walking Dead Mashup Print

One crazily brilliant artist named Puis Calzada at MercCrafts mashed Star Wars and The Walking Dead into this awesome Michonne/Stormtrooper Zombie Print. The print measures 11×17 inches and is printed on a professional laser jet printer to ensure no smudging. Each print is printed on 100# cover stock and is perfect for framing.

Star Wars Walking Dead Print


I’m Not the Good Guy Anymore Print

Everyone at Printkeg loves the entire 17thandOak collection and this Walking Dead print  titled “I’m not the good guy anymore.” starring Rick Grimes is a prime example why. The artist boasts that these art posters will look fantastic when framed and hung. We encourage you to check out and browse through all of his artwork.

walking dead print by 17thandoak


If you are an artist that sells Walking Dead artwork on Etsy, please let us know. We would love to add your work to this post.