Stickers are spectacularly sensational for spreading a business’s message (try saying that five times in a row). There are just so many clever, and logical, methods of implementing these adhesive heroes, yet stickers and decals are often an underused and underestimated form of print marketing. We hope the below list of uses inspires you or your company to consider custom stickers in a future marketing campaign.

Sticker Notes

We think these circular stickers are a cute way to message a loved one (or someone that needs to eat a little healthier!)Sticker notes on fruit


Stormtrooper Sticker

We found this awesome die cut sticker of a Stormtrooper on Etsy. Do I need to say anything more?

Stormtrooper Sticker

Camera Stickers

With the popularity of Instagram and Snapseed combined with my nostalgic remembrance of the old Polaroid, I couldn’t resist these camera shaped die cut stickers.

Camera Stickers


8-bit Pac-Man Ghost Stickers

As a huge Atari fan, I absolutely love these little stickers because I must of played Pac-Man for an entire year of my life. The image was found on Pinterest, but the sticker was printed by StickerMule.

8-bit Pacman Ghost stickers


Wall Decor Stickers

Large stickers can be printed as original wall art for that special person’s room. Be sure to use a removable adhesive (which we do not offer yet) similar to what Fathead offers.

Stickers on walls


Funny Bumper Sticker

When discussing sticker ideas, we can’t ignore the great bumper sticker. It would seem I’m in a Star Wars mood because I found this funny sticker on Etsy and could not resist adding it to the lineup.


Funny Star Wars bumper sticker


Keyboard Stickers

This is possibly the coolest keyboard decal set I have ever seen. The Avengers logo represents the letter A…Mind blown.

marvel keyboard decals


QR Code Sticker

QR Codes as stickers can be implemented in so many ways. Think of the possibilities! Our print company is currently planning a huge QR code experiment that we will report about down the road.

QR Code Sticker


Macbook Decals

As many of us know, Apple often includes stickers of their logo with certain products. While searching for an image representing this, I discovered a cool company, showcasing some killer decals / skins for Macbook devices like this iron man one.

Iron Man Macbook Decal


Logos as Stickers

One of the most common reasons we print stickers is for logos. This below collection is from and represents how large enterprises are printing numerous styles of stickers. I don’t know why some of us are so obsessed with adhesive stuff, but some people just can’t resist placing them somewhere.

Logos as stickers



Aside from mailing labels, packaging labels and bottle labels, customized stickers are perfect for party favors, decorations, gift cards, gift labels, favor labels and so much more.

Labels on  boxes



There are seriously so many possibilities for custom sticker printing. The medium is a fun way for designers and businesses to be more creative and daring while also effectively engaging customers. Decals, stickers, wall art, cling wrap, skins and so much more are included in this area of print marketing and could play a valuable role in branding any small or large company, organization, band or club.