Employees peaking at our new DTG machine

Shirt Printing Will Return

This post is updated.

Last week we temporarily removed our shirt printing services from PrintKEG.com. Our former process utilized transfers (which has its benefits) but we recently purchased new equipment adopting Direct-to-garment (DTG) technology.

DTG has some interesting advantages over screen printing. The most notable is the ability to provide small orders of full color apparel printing inexpensively. That pretty much sums up our entire business model so it seems like a perfect fit for PrintKEG. Basically, projects requiring 100 shirts or less and a wide array of colors, DTG makes a lot of sense. A DTG machine works very similar to a wide format inkjet printer, which is what we use for large large posters, so we have a fair amount of experience with this. Other DTG printers might gaff at that last statement, but that’s okay.

Needless to say, our entire team is beyond excited about revamping our shirt printing. This time, we will be offering a wider variety of shirt types for adults, kids and toddlers along with adding a fancy online shirt designer. More incredible features will also be available, and we’ll reveal more as we approach the relaunch.

The below photograph taken via Instagram (@printkeg) shows a few eager staff members peeking into the newly opened crate containing our DTG machine. They’re a bunch of nuts!