Mr. Keg as a pirate

PrintKEG Launches QR Code Treasure Hunt

Initially, we introduced our QR Code Treasure Hunt at, but here it is:

The online print shop PrintKEG launches a QR Code “treasure hunt” aimed to engage customers in a fun game to receive discounts and prizes.

PrintKEG Pirate

QR codes have been hidden around the company’s website, social media outlets and other online locations while also available in physical locations such as packaging, storefront window, mailers and other areas which remain secret until discovered by a lucky, or determined, customer or prospect.

When a client scans one of these QR codes with their smartphone, they are lead to a URL that could pass on discounts, free gifts or new clues to even bigger prizes. Chris Mullen, a PrintKEG co-founder and president, reveals “One prize is worth $1000 in credits for purchasing prints. Anyone who scans is sure to win something. We wanted this to be a fun, rewarding way for customers to help us build our brand.”

Mullen also notes that the QR codes are not only hidden in various outlets, but also lead to a wide variety of possibilities. “For instance, a QR code may lead to a YouTube Video with further clues, an exclusive deal on our Facebook page, or ask that you text us a code. The more complex the hunt, the better the prize. Many codes offer instant gratification like immediate discounts or free gifts,” states Mullen.

In many cases, once a treasure is “found” and redeemed its gone for good. The QR code will either be removed from its location or link to a place that could read something like “Blimey! Another buccaneer has been here already and ran off with me gold!” courtesy our mascot, Mr. Keg.

“The printing industry is loving the interactive possibilities with QR codes that intertwines the print and digital worlds. We’ve already dabbled a little with QR codes in the past, but we wanted to be more creative. This is a long term campaign which we hope customers will enjoy.”

About PrintKEG

PrintKEG ( is an online printing company located in South Carolina offering very cheap prices for short run printing. They only offer products where they can be extremely price competitive including posters, postcards, t-shirts and flyers. Chris Mullen and Tony Devlin co-own the operation.