During the entire printing process, from initial order to shipping, an email notification is sent by email to ensure customers stay informed every step of the way

Common Statuses

Art Issues – This status indicates some delay related to your artwork. At this time the art department informs you about the nature of the problems. Otherwise, call us. Art issues can include low resolution, wrong file type, bleed issues, scaling issues, and more. We will provide detailed information on the problems we discover. The most common art issues area:

  • Lack of bleed area
  • Incorrect File Size
  • Incorrect File Type
  • Multiple Files Issue
  • Remove Crop/Trim Marks
  • Low Resolution

Awaiting Art The art department does not have your art yet. Please email art to art@printkeg.com with your order number as the subject as soon as you can. Once again, please input your order number into the subject area.

Awaiting Response – A representative has emailed or called you concerning an element that requires your response and attention.

Unfulfilled -Your order has recently been established, and the billing department is still verifying payment. Also, a representative has not yet addressed or reviewed your order for production.

Billed – The billing department verified the order and passed it to the art department. Our staff no longer utilizes this status since our e-commerce platform, Shopify, confirms all payments.

Proof Sent – The art department has emailed a digital proof to your PrintKEG account email address. Be sure to email back with approval. If you opted for the PDF proof, we would require this approval before moving forward.

In Production – Artwork has been prepared and turned over to our production department. Your order is being printed or will be printed shortly.

Multiple Shipping (Tube) – If your shipment requires more than one package, we will require payment for the extra shipping costs. The most common scenario includes orders combining wide-format posters and flyers/cards. We ship the wide-format prints in a separate tube. That requires extra shipping costs ranging from $5.99 to $10.99 (depends on weight and service).

Printed – Your artwork is printed but is still sitting in the finishing stages of cutting or packing. In most cases, your order will ship that same day. Our shipping agent will follow up with an email and text with tracking information.

Ready To Ship – Order is packed and ready to go. UPS should have your package soon.

Shipped / Ready for Pickup – We shipped your order and sent you tracking information. Tracking numbers are available in each customer’s PrintKEG control panel in the “past orders” section. We notify local customers when prints are ready for pickup.

Less Common Statuses

Design – The art department is designing your art. Your order remains in this status until we finish the design process.

On Hold – Customer has requested to delay the order for a variety of reasons temporarily.

Proof Approved – We’re aware of your approval, and your artwork is being prepared for production by the art department.

Cancel Order – We canceled the order, and a refund should follow within 24 to 48 hours.

Delayed – We hate this one! We delayed the order due to a variety of possibilities. Reasons for delays could include technical issues, supply shortages, or time constraints.

Proof Mailed – We mailed you a physical sample via UPS or USPS. You must approve, or disapprove, this once received.

Reviewing – Some orders are sent to our internal specialist for a variety of reasons. This could include outsourcing, artwork concerns, or advanced setup requirement.