At first we debated whether we should offer a resellers program since our prices are already so low, but after huge amounts of requests, alas, the people have spoken, we decided to give it shot. We understand that a resellers program a great way to reward our larger printing partners, aid artists and assist non-profits. Enjoy!


Learn how to apply now.

Quick facts about our Resellers Program

1. Anyone, not just print brokers, can apply for our resellers program. It is basically the same as a rewards program. However, clients must have a website and valid business license or social security number to participate.

2. The program works best for customers that continuously order prints. Resellers can save anywhere from 10% off printing.

3. Sales tax exemption is available and only applicable for businesses located in South Carolina, our home state.

4. During public sales events, If logged in while shopping, print resellers are automatically given the lowest of that sale price and resellers discount price.