We now offer portrait sized 8 x 10 on our cheap flyers 8×10 printing. This could work great for artists looking to sell framed artwork. Soon, we hope to begin selling cheap frames to compliment our convenient size options. We offer a total of 7 different paper types for 8×10 prints available in our flyers and fine arts area.

8x10 printing

8×10 prints are an ideal size to showcase small groups of people, or head and shoulder shots of an individual. Because it’s such a popular size, you’ll easily find frames and accessories almost anywhere. This is a fairly standard size that artists and consumers know well.

Rich vibrant colors with a high contrast appearance that enhances fine details and really makes the colors stand out. Our 80# glossy paper and card has a highly reflective surface that is slick to the touch. The shine of our paper is a little toned down or satin-like compared with some low quality photographic papers.

One customer points out that “I’ve consistently used PrintKEG for multiple printing jobs like posters, flyers and cards. You provide good value, quality printing and fast turnaround. Thanks!”

8×10 prints can be a perfect enlargement size and has been around for many years. The size was originally used as a portrait size to better frame people from their shoulders up, and as the photography world advanced, the size has remained a constant favorite. Images from a digital camera or smartphone can typically be resized to 8×10 prints without losing any part of the picture.