Canvas art print of Tupac

Ideas For Your Next Canvas Print

Canvas is a wonderful medium for asthetically pleasing home and office decor. Here are five ideas for your next canvas prints.

1. Pet Portraits

Believe it or not, pet portraits are wildly popular for printing on wrapped canvas prints. In fact, we have one 16×20 print of a black Labrador hanging up in our office. Many animal lovers just can’t resist adding their four-legged family member to the wall of memories. Our family has a beautiful print of kitties in our living room right beside our children. We’ve also seen birds, lizards and hamsters immortalized.

3 canvas prints including one with pet

2. Wedding Photography

Weddings is another popular occasion for printing on canvas. Photographers across America not only enjoy our wonderfully low prices, but also the top-notch artistic canvas material and extremely durable wooden bars. We don’t skimp on the quality of our canvas prints. Brides (and grooms for that matter) across the country enjoy adding a canvas print in remembrance of that special day to decorate the new family’s home. On the flip side, and on a personal note, my mother-in-law still has a canvas print of my wife in a wedding gown from her first marriage! Sure, we are happily married, but come on! Does she have to keep it up for public viewing?

wedding canvas print of bride

3. Art

For our company, the most popular custom canvas print is for a variety of artwork like paintings, drawings and illustrations. The Printkeg staff is dedicated to providing a high quality method for artists to profitably resell their work and canvas is no exception. We’ve printed just about everything imaginable including giclée prints of paintings, digital art, drawings, photography and much more. Everything from famous sports figures to rap sensations to breathtaking landscapes have passed through our facility and it has been a real treat for us.

Canvas art print of Tupac

4. Sports Portraits

For our company, printing sports portraits has very much been on the rise. Schools and little leagues print team photos on 24×36 wrapped canvas prints, photographers resell incredible captured moments of athletes, artists resell amazing illustrations of popular sports figures and parents enhance kids sports portraits through canvas. We had a little fun with a recent project of sports art we recently printed (I believe the below art is from the same artist who created the above art of Tupac Shakur).

Two sports canvas prints

5. Family Photos

This is the most fulfilling and enjoyable aspect of printing on canvas. As cheesy as it may sounds, we are honored to be selected by families across America who choose us to print their family photo on canvas. The below photograph was taken by a photographer my family has used for a very long time, John Wollwerth. My little boy is such a cutey, we couldn’t resist slapping this photograph on canvas. Currently, John has the print hanging in his studio.

kid photograph on canvas