We love the holidays, and I love almost everything geeky. I know that sending friends and family physical cards for any holiday is so boomer. But cards still have a place in the world, especially if you find one that connects with that particular person. Printables are instantly downloadable digital files perfect for email, social networks, AND snail mail. Today, I locate some printable geeky holiday cards for the nerds in your life.

Printable geeky holiday tags
I love the idea of making personalized geeky tags like these adorable designs by GooseFeatherCrafts. Basically, you print them on 8.5×11 card stock, cut them out, hole punch, and tie to your favors and gift bags.
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Let is Snow GOT holiday card that is printable
Yes, I know that the final season of GOT was controversial and disappointed many fans. Try not to let it ruin the many years of entertainment we enjoyed. This Jon Snow Holiday card by EnjoyPrintable is printed on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock, cut down to 8.5″ x 5.5″, then folded in half as A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″).
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Two Lord of the Rings geeky Holiday cards that are printable
One artist on Etsy worth visiting is EnjoyPrintable who seems to focus on geeky printables like these Lord of the Rings hilarious, and printable, holiday cards.
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Star Wars printable Christmas Card
No collection of geeky holiday cards is complete without a Star Wars variation. The Christmas card features a festive Yoda, Luke, Han, and Leia.  The designer, DaisyDesignShop, offers the cards printed ($10 min) or as DIY downloadable files. What stands out to me is the ability to personalize the cards.
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Cute Doctor Who holiday card
Oh my goodness! Claudia Gervasi at Cloudreams on Etsy hosts to many wonderfully cute and geeky card designs for download including this Doctor Who holiday card.
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Personalized Home Alone geeky holiday cards
This next card by SunkissedShop is one of the funniest and unique holiday cards I have seen so far. I really like how buyers can customize the Home Alone design by sending in personal photographs and text.
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Card with Elf movie character
When we are discussing the holidays, the movie Elf, cannot be ignored. Creators have riddled Etsy with downloadable artwork featuring Will Ferrell’s character, including this design by Taylor Krebs at MelodieCo. Like most of the cards we have covered, the final card size is 5″ x 7″.
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Say what?!! Any family that sends a personalized family holiday card like this one is strong with The Force. Joanne Malone’s Etsy store, PictureYouself, offers a variety of customized, and inventive, card designs for just about any occasion.
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Etsy boasts tons of incredible Hanukkah cards, but geeky printable ones were scarce. This Ron Swanson Hanukka card by BEYGOODco is also available for other special days like birthdays and Christmas.
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BEYGOODco also hosts this Goldblum Hannukah instant download card. Jeff Goldblum (The Fly, Jurassic Park, Thor: Ragnorak) is a superstar icon of unprecedented geeky proportions at Etsy. There are so many designs with his likeness, it’s crazy!
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There are so many fantastic holiday card designs by Etsy artists out there. I wasted so much time this morning searching pagination of them. Finding printable variants got a little tricky, so I urge you to surf through all of the printable holiday cards I found and view the related stores. If you find any funny additions that we should include in this article, please let me know by emailing chris@printkeg.com.

Also, if you decide to download any of these designs and would like them commercially printed, Printkeg offers a variety of size and quantity options for greeting cards, invitations, note cards, and holiday cards. I am more than happy to create a custom order for your needs.