Game of Thrones has been huge in my life lately. When season four on HBO began, I finally surrendered to my interest in actually reading the novels by George R.R Martin. After season three’s shocking “Red Wedding” and this past week’s wicked surprise, I could no longer resist the temptation. The writing and storytelling is remarkable, and I am actually more impressed with the television series now than before (which is hard to believe) due to it’s phenomenal adaptation. We know many of our artistic clients are huge Game of Thrones fans, and we have found a huge amount of amazing posters online to check out.

Winterfell Poster by TheGreenDragonInn

Winterfell is the ancestral castle and territory of House Stark considered to be the capital of the north and is an expansive wintery province of The Seven Kingdoms. This 11×17 Winterfell poster is printed on a high quality 100# card stock for $16 on Etsy.

11x17 Winterfell PosterPersonalized House Poster by EskimoChateau

The numerous houses and families in Game of Thrones is what makes the series so intriguing (for me at least). This artist on Etsy allows people to build their own personalized house 11×17 poster by providing an animal, color, motto and name for a reasonable $50.


Personalized Game of Thrones house poster


Minimalist Game of Thrones Poster by ThePowerCosmic

This minimalist Game of Thrones poster print is produced with archival pigment inks and is printed on heavyweight matte paper – a deal at only $15. All prints are carefully packed for shipping with soft tissue wrapping and durable tubing. However, we’ve known UPS and FedEx to cause massive damage to the most durable containers so plan ahead in case a reprint is necessary.

Game of Thrones minimalist poster


Watercolor Game of Thrones Poster by WatercolorGirlArt

This artist offer a variety of colorful Game of Thrones posters in watercolors that cover houses and individual characters. The posters can be purchased at sizes 8×10, 8×12, 12×16, 16×20, 20×28 and 24×32. Customization and personalization are offered by this art studio using Epson wide format printers with an archival rating of 120+ years.

Targaryen poster

In the series, House Targaryen, riders of dragons, ruled as the Kings of Westeros for almost 300 years until their ouster during Robert’s Rebellion.


Game of Thrones House Poster by ThisShopReallyRocks

For more conservative Game of Thrones fans, this poster mapping each house might be a solution. Located in the United Kingdom, ThisShopReallyRocks prints a variety of clean designs on fabric or satin paper starting at $14 for an 8×10. Sizes 11×14, 16×20, 24×36 and 30×40 are also available.

Game of Thrones House Poster


Game of Thrones Beer Logos by TrendyCoasters

Matted in a 14×14 frame, this print by on glossy photo paper includes nine “Game of Thrones” beer logos. We thought this was a fun, inconspcuous, and entertaining picture that would look great in any home, man cave, bachelor pad, restaurant or bar.

Games of Thrones Beer logos in matted frame


Games of Thrones Map by iPrintPoster

Throw out that real world map plastered on the wall showcasing your travels and replace it with a Games of Thrones map educating your visitors about the geography of Westeros. The poster is printed using Epson archival ink for colorful, vibrant prints that are water and fade-resistant. Many other Westeros maps are also available on Etsy from other artists. The frame is not included and the picture barely breaks the bank at $17.

Game of Thrones Map


Game of Thrones is an amazing novel and television series and many artists are clearly celebrating with amazing creative designs. We’ve printed quite a bit of fan art ourselves which is one major reason why our staff members love printing.