Funny Political Cards

Funny Political Cards That Get Our Vote.

In my opinion, 2020 was an absolute garbage year for politics. Although the left and right will probably not see eye-to-eye anytime soon, I do hope for a more unison pathway. Today I offer humor from amazing Etsy artists who dared go political. Maybe today, we can all laugh together with these funny political cards.

Bernie Sanders card
During President Biden’s inauguration, Bernie Sanders and his mittens went viral. Many Etsy artists embraced this phenomenon with practically any kind of card you can consider, including Valentine’s Day and birthdays.
funny political cards with Trump as a Birthday Card
Memes and funny cards will forever embrace Donald Trump’s lies and mistruths. This birthday card by GoldenHRGraphics is no exception.
Funny political card making fun of Ted Cruz
This witty Ted Cruz card by LaserCatCreative nails the one love message in the world that might represent my personal feelings. Should I buy this one for Valentine’s Day or the next anniversary?
Time Flies Pence greeting card
During the 2020 Vice-Presidential debates, a tiny fly garnered the most media attention. That fly sat there in Mike Pence’s hair for the longest two minutes in television history! Etsy store owner, PopandPaperShop, is making sure we never forget with this brutally funny birthday card.
Dr. Fauci birthday card
One detestable thing the far-right accomplished in 2020 was politicizing a pandemic. Why try to discredit Dr. Fauci? Many card designs feature the epidemiologist, like this birthday card by VenusArtsShop.
Card that reads I Miss You Like I Miss Obama.
I guarantee at least 50% of all Democrats were thinking this as the Trump administration butchered American ideals. If you’re participating in a long-distance relationship, you must send this “I miss you” card to your significant other.
Joe Biden Valentines Day Card
The only meme-worthy event that surpasses Pence’s fly debacle is when Joe Biden told Trump to “Shut up, man.” during the 2020 Presidential debates. Biden said what everyone in America was thinking, Republican and Democrat. Donald Trump would not stop rambling, interrupting, and lying! You can download this Biden Valentine’s Day card made by MugofShirts and print it at home or with an online print company.
Funny Joe Biden Card
Before voters nominated Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee for POTUS, the media blasted him for weird videos of smelling women and kids. I thought this SNL-worthy controversy would pave the way for a Bernie nomination, but South Carolina Democratic voters changed everything. The above design belongs to the Etsy shop, SleazyGreetings.

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Mug that reads May Start Talking about Politics.
I am sure most people in my life think I should always carry this mug by PollyanaPoops. The Trump era got people debating and voting more, and that is a good thing.