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Five Marketing Q&A’s For Shopify Storeowners

Today, we answered marketing questions for another blog in hopes to be featured. Many of those questions were centered around Shopify. Here are five of those questions (mostly focused on marketing and sales) that you might find interesting.

Also see “How To Improve Cart Abandonment When Using Shopify.

Pop-up ads are a controversial subject: shoppers can easily get annoyed if they’re set up wrong, but they also work! We’d love to hear about your experience with running them on your store (good or bad), or even as a shopper yourself.

We do not run them on Printkeg’s online store. We hate them. We don’t deny they can be effective, but that depends on the industry. For another store we operate, we find that offering a 10% coupon for an email address very effective.

We’re always getting asked questions on shipping: how to use drop shipping, fulfillment, packaging, international shipping, shipping rates… you get the idea. We want to know your experiences, good or bad, with any of the above topics, or really anything to do with shipping at all!

To keep shipping costs low for customers, we combine UPS and USPS options. Since we have not figured out a reasonable way to provide free shipping, we also added flat rate options for different pricing tiers. This formula has worked pretty well for us so far, but we are always searching for ways to improve cart abandonment by minimizing shipping costs for customers.

When did you decide to hire your first employee and what position? We’re putting together a merchants guide on ‘when to hire’ including what positions will give you the highest ROI and what the deciding factor was (growth, urgency, etc.)

Once I could not delegate the daily grind and responsibilities as a business owner, I hired someone. It is always difficult to deal with the responsibility of employees, but growth will usually demand it. I was working every day and night before realizing it was time to bring another person in.

Have you ever re-designed your store from scratch, or decided to make some design changes? This post will discuss when it’s time to optimize your shopify store, and when it’s time to start from scratch. Topics will include CRO, product images and making your site mobile responsive.

We moved to Shopify from our own internal e-commerce development. When we first started, we built our own online store since both partners were professional web developers. Now that we utilize Shopify, we can work more diligently on content over technicalities. We remain committed to rethinking everything to ensure a great experience for customers.

Did you migrate your store to Shopify from another platform? Or did you move over from Etsy or eBay? We want to hear your success stories for a blog on the benefits of switching to Shopify!

We didn’t migrate from another platform, but we did switch from our own internally created e-commerce website. Shopify solves many issues that can become problematic with a self-made website. Responsiveness, security, optimization, easy-to-add third party solutions were among the many features we needed. Shopify eliminated tons of development hours on our part, and allows us to focus more on running our business.