Birthday T-Shirts!

Sometimes, parents select Printkeg for printing custom items for birthday parties. What an honor that is! We work closely with moms or pops to make the perfect birthday t-shirts, birthday cards, party stickers and birthday banners for that special day.


Birthday T-Shirt Example

Our t-shirt printing is great for birthdays no matter how old you are! The above picture demonstrates an old process we adopted which utilized print transfers which we no longer do. Presently, our shirt printing is provided using a screen printing technique, the industry’s highest standard of quality for garment printing.

The above photo was taken before our Instagramming days; nevertheless, printing t-shirts for birthday parties is pretty common and turned us into a well rounded place to go for birthday party supplies. The last celebration we were involved in, a mother created her own custom birthday invitations, party stickers, a 24×60 birthday banner plus about ten youth shirts.

Other print products awesome for birthdays

Custom invitations are perfect for: Girls Birthday cards, Boys Birthday cards, 1st Birthday cards, Adult Birthday cards and Birthday Invitations. If you do not have your own custom design, we also offer free pre-designed cards for birthdays. UPDATE: We no longer offer pre-created designs, but our card printing service can still be utlized for parties.

Custom banners are great for: Girls Birthday Banners, Boys Birthday Banners, 1st Birthday Banners Sweet 16 Banners, Happy Birthday Banners. These vinyl banners unlcude grommets and will work indoors or outdoors.

Custom stickers make great birthday present labels, party favors and are a source of sticky fun for any number of games! These stickers are also considered decals and our excellent for all applications. They are also weatherproof and removeable.

Custom t-shirts come in many sizes and colors, and they are fun to create! Whether you’re celebrating a baby’s 1st birthday, a special sweet 16, the big 2-1 or that middle age, PrintKEG is here to help.