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Artwork capturing Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Although critics felt mixed about Todd Phillip’s dark and controversial Joker movie, the audience seems to uncomfortably appreciate witnessing a fictional character’s descent into madness. I thought Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the most notorious villain in comic book fiction as intriguing and entertaining. Many fan artists have already begun selling and printing incredible pieces, and we will share some of our favorites with you today.

Joker decal
This vinyl decal or sticker by BanterBadges (on Etsy) showcases the “Put on a happy face” motto with the artwork of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker.
Art poster of Joaquin Phoenix Joker
This art poster of Joker by Etsy seller, PosterPrinting, is available on paper, canvas, and banner media. Sizes include 24×36, 30×40, and 40×60. The illustration captures the merging of Arthur Fleck and his alternative personality.
Joker movie tickets
On Etsy, you can purchase these digital graphics for printable souvenir tickets. I can see these utilized for birthday parties and cosplayer gatherings. The ticket artwork reminds me of the controversy surrounding the film, including being blocked by the movie theater in Colorado that suffered a mass shooting during the release of Dark Knight Returns. I am still determining if I feel this ticket artwork is distasteful or if I am overthinking.
Joker movie t-shirt

I love the graphic artwork on this Joker 2019 movie t-shirt by StreetSpiritApparel on Etsy. The 100% fine-jersey cotton shirt is available in white or gray, and there are many ladies and men size options to select.
Joker 2019 tees
At the time of this writing, there was not a massive amount of merchandise yet available for the Joker 2019 movie. TeeSpring is one source offering a variety of pretty bada$$ shirts with fan art of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker rendition.
Alternative movie poster hosts a dozen or so art posters for the Joker film. During the time of this writing, It was not clear if the graphic was able to be purchased from the website or the original artist.
Joker art poster
If you check Joaquin Phoenix Joker on Pinterest, it is wildly apparent that he has made his permanent mark onto the character. That is a remarkable feat, especially if you think of the high caliber group of actors who have tackled the role before him.

Who plays the best Joker?

I would never pretend to be fit to make that call. There are so many powerful renditions from a wide range of periods and media outlets. I can only tell you that my personal favorite remains Heath Ledger (RIP, and please forgive me, Mark Hamill), and I hated Jared Leto’s portrayal. However, if more Joker movies arrive in the future, I do hope we get Joaquin Phoenix, who is one of my all-time favorite actors (Gladiator, Walk the Line, Signs, Her). In my opinion, he was unquestionably outstanding in the Joker movie, and I do not think he overacted at all (This was a complaint I commonly read from numerous critics). 

And finally….

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