At these price levels, we print some amazing 18 X 24 photo-quality short run posters. With fancy full-color digital printing, we provide beautiful short run posters for portfolios, gallery prints, and exclusive prints for resell. These medium-large posters are also ideal to be framed for a variety of reasons.

18x24 poster printing

Five awesome papers for wide format printing are available: satin photo gloss, photo matte, canvas, vinyl and watercolor. The gloss and matte papers are designed for clarity required by large photography, gallery exhibits and other high resolution projects. Canvas and watercolor is intended for artistry and painting. Vinyl works best for exhibits, expos and events.

Testimonial from 18 X 24 printing customers:

“Are you serious? My prints are amazing. “

“The colors were all phenomenal. Better than I expected. The large format 18×24″ matte prints were outstanding all around, and I’ll definitely be back to print more in that format in the future!”

“With all of your other product and the quality of the prints I have seen so far, I look forward to you offering a competitively priced printed canvas product. As I typically do 18×24 canvas prints by hand, if you were to start with that size I’d gladly offer to act as QA for you 🙂 As I stated in an email I sent after my first order, the color quality of your prints is superior to other services I have tried – matches my original artwork almost exactly. Well done.”

Or staff is extremely proud of Printkeg’s large poster printing service. In fact, we receive more compliments in this area than all other print lines (11×17 posters are a close runner-up). People are typically stunned with the level of quality, and we are positive you will absolutely love your posters. If not, we back a 100% money-back guarantee.

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