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15 Reasons to Use Grammarly for Improving Your Writing


Grammarly is an online tool and writing platform that performs over 250 different proofreading and plagiarism checks. I privately use Grammarly for many reasons, business and personal, and think it is worth the $59.95 per quarter. Millions of business experts and students around the world use Grammarly daily. Here are 15 reasons why you might want to consider adding Grammarly to your arsenal of valuable software tools.

1. Obviously, Grammarly is one excellent way to proofread and improve blog posts. I now use Grammarly to check every single posting before publishing.

2. Fix and improve Facebook posts. Businesses and individuals should become more aware and careful of grammatical errors on all social networks.

3. Improve tone and grammar with emails – especially work-related emails. Grammarly seamlessly integrates with almost any application. It seems so easy to make mistakes while drafting a new email. Allow yourself to double-check emails with Grammarly to save yourself from any embarrassment.

4. Search online for any plagiarism issues. Plagiarism is a nonexistent problem for me, but students writing reports and business people “scraping” materials should take extra precautions.

5. Search online for anyone plagiarizing your work. By pasting your articles into Grammarly, you can quickly find online offenders and take action.

6. Fix misspellings other programs do not pick up. Many people have recognized that Grammarly finds problem areas missed by programs such as Microsoft Word.

7. Avoid using passive voice while writing. Passive voice occurs when the noun or noun phrase that would be the object of an active sentence (such as “Our techs hacked the enemy”) resembles as the subject of a sentence with passive voice (example: “The enemy was hacked by our technicians”). The passive voice is not necessarily a grammatical error, but can sometimes confuse readers.

8. Double check print materials especially long textual marketing materials such as brochures, manuals, menus, and booklets. Quickly copy and paste paragraphs into Grammarly as an extra precaution. This might be useful for Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher users.

9. Upgrade product pages on e-commerce websites by using Grammarly’s tools to improve descriptions. This practice should improve sales conversions and ensure web pages are high-quality content.

10. Grammarly will be extremely beneficial when writing reports for school or work. Many students, including higher education, have boasted that using Grammarly’s tools have resulted in improved grades.

11. Enhance your vocabulary by using the synonym tools. Articles with a more extensive vocabulary palette are more likely to remain engaging.

12. Write a novel with more confidence. Many writers claim Grammarly’s many tools facilitate a writing environment more friendly than traditional settings.

13. Earn more money as a freelance writer by taking advantage of Grammarly’s tools to maintain a high ranking status as a writer. Better writing styles result in higher income.

14. Eliminate poor writing habits simply by implementing Grammarly into your general workflow. Bad writers can begin improving writing techniques almost immediately.

15. Google, and other giant search engines such as Bing, have grown smarter about how they rank the quality of websites. Well-written articles and product pages will beat out meaningless posts and light content.