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10 Gnarly Grunge Backgrounds for Download

Following up with last week’s Five Free Grunge Fonts for Friday theme, it’s freebie time again!

I scoured the internet to find ten high-resolution grunge backgrounds free for download. They can be used for postcards, flyers and even large posters. I have set the resolution at 100 dpi to determine what the largest recommended size would be for print. Since they are high quality for print, they will also work perfectly for web projects.

Grunge is not just a style of music from the 80’s. In the graphic and web design world, grunge is a popular design style. Although it is not for everyone, it is a style that I really enjoy working with. Grunge has a dirty, eroded abstract look and feel to it. Fonts, backgrounds, photographs, icons, everything can be ‘grunged’ up! You can also download free grunge icons from one of my previous posts – Free Flat Social Media Icons For 2014

What can I say? I’m slightly obsessed with this design style, so I hope it is not a trend on its way out!

Below are low-resolution samples of the grunge backgrounds. Click the “download” link at the bottom of the page to download the whole package! Trust me, you’ll want options.

Grunge Pick 10

Grunge Pick 09

Grunge Pick 08

Grunge Pick 07

Grunge Pick 03

Grunge Pick 06

Grunge Pick 05

Grunge Pick 04

Grunge Pick 02

Grunge Pick 01

I want every background. Let me download everything!

Check back for more grunge freebies. With my obsession, I’m sure there will be more.