Sharon Stone with her art

Why You Need a .ART Domain

You Know Why You Need a Website It doesn't matter what career path you've taken or your age: nothing should hold you back from reinventing yourself if you have a passion for art. Taking the leap into the art world means considering how to present yourself and…

Top Blockchains Artists Prefer for NFTs

Artists primarily prefer blockchain platforms that offer robust features, user-friendly interfaces, a strong community, and broader visibility for selling their NFTs. Ethereum has been the dominant blockchain for NFTs due to its early adoption, established infrastructure, and widespread support within the crypto community. However, ETH…
Programs that fix resolution
Blog Printing

Programs That Fix Low Resolution

Many artists accidentally make art at low resolution. These images may appear wonderfully on screen, but prints appear fuzzy or pixelated. The programs below offer various tools and features to fix resolution issues and ensure that files, whether raster or vector graphics are suitable for…
resolution for printing

21 Reasons Resolution is SO Important for Printing

Resolution plays a pivotal role in printing, influencing the quality, clarity, and overall impact of printed materials. Whether it's a document, photograph, or artwork, the resolution determines the level of detail and sharpness reproduced on paper. In this digital age, understanding the significance of resolution…
Christmas Cards

20 Message Ideas for Family Christmas Cards.

When designing my Christmas cards each year, I sometimes get writer's block when drafting a "Hallmark" message to add. Here are a few ideas you can try and customize to fit your needs. Card Image: A cozy fireplace with stockings hanging, a Christmas tree in…
Scarlet Witch

Marvel Comics Storylines MCU Fans Should Read

I have loved reading about superheroes and mutants for as long as I can remember, which is why printing comic books are my most joyful business practice. Hundreds of writers entertained me through childhood trauma, illustrators motivated me to become a better drawer, and the…