21 Beautifully Printed Flyer Designs

April 22, 2014

Flyers come in many different sizes, shapes and paper weights these days as designers, marketers and printers have extended their functionality and use. Our company calls small flyers “postcards” since they are generally heavy, and we call leaflets “flyers” since cheaper (in price not quality) lighter weight papers are mostly utilized. But grouped together, flyers […]

11x17 Winterfell Poster

Game of Thrones Posters To Inspire Your Next Fan Art

April 16, 2014

Game of Thrones has been huge in my life lately. When season four on HBO began, I finally surrendered to my interest in actually reading the novels by George R.R Martin. After season three’s shocking “Red Wedding” and this past week’s wicked surprise, I could no longer resist the temptation. The writing and storytelling is […]


The Logo Design Process while Working With a Third Party

April 10, 2014

Designing a logo can be very tricky. Especially when working through a third party. Often times, the client does not know what they want until they actually see it. They tend to provide the designer vague, poorly descriptive words on what they¬†think¬†they want, but in all actuality, most of the time, they have no clue. […]


10 Gnarly Grunge Backgrounds for Download

April 9, 2014

Following up with last week’s Five Free Grunge Fonts for Friday theme, it’s freebie time again! I scoured the internet to find ten high resolution grunge backgrounds free for download. They can be used for postcards, flyers and even large posters. I have set the resolution at 100 dpi to determine what the largest recommend […]


Classic & Fun Easter Cards on Etsy

April 8, 2014

It’s that time of year to hop on in and spring out with Easter cards. Whether you print them with us, or choose one of the great designs below, let’s celebrate this spring holiday together! I do not recall receiving many Easter cards from my family and friends, but why not start making it a […]

Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Learn More About The Villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie

April 8, 2014

Most of us here at the office are pretty psyched about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to be released May 2nd. Although it appears we may yet again become acquainted with The Green Goblin, there are two other major villains being introduced on the big screen for the first time – Rhino and Electro. Both of […]


Five Free Grunge Fonts For Friday

April 4, 2014

Grunge is a very popular background and font choice for many designers and rock bands. It can be used for a variety of different printing material; Promotional flyers for bands, clubs, parties, etc. Grunge can be described as something that is eroded or distorted or even dirty. Some grunge fonts are more eroded than others, […]

Art Institute Posters

Fabulous Print Designs Welcoming Spring

March 30, 2014

Spring is my favorite season. By mid-season, the weather in South Carolina is nothing short of beautiful. Everything around us awakens and many talented artists at have created amazing art to celebrate flowers blooming and life renewing. Now thru summer, our little print shop located in Beaufort begins seeing more print design projects as […]

1st Class Tickets

Killer Design Ideas for Custom Event Tickets

March 27, 2014

How many tickets have you thrown away after attending an event, play or concert? Sometimes we save a few special ones along the way, but these memorabilia pieces are often designed by a creative individual dedicated to heighten the overall enjoyment of the event experience. Often times, this hard work is overlooked by millions of […]

modern vertical business card design

Wild Designs For Classic Sized Business Cards

March 24, 2014

Social media, digital marketing and QR Codes have really influenced business card designs in the last decade. Many of GraphicRiver’s participating artists demonstrate how the classic sized (3.5×2) business card can remain fresh, innovative and contemporary providing a more conducive eye-grabbing experience from prospects. This dark “Vertical Creative Business Card” by mylifer is a killer […]