Our product development staff (that’s me!) is always adding more stuff to the print mix for our fellow keggars (that’s you!). Here are some things we’ve recently added and others in the works.

We still do cheap sticker printing!
New postcard sizes. We now offer every standard size for mailing purposes. The newest postcard size we’ve added is 4.25″ X 5.5″.

Customized Large Poster Sizes. On our large posters page, we offer many sizes but if your size need isn’t available please contact us! We might be able to make it happen.

More shirts styles. Before adding more shirt styles, we make sure we can offer the lowest prices out there. New styles include woman’s tee, kids baseball jerseys, mens tank tops and toddler t-shirts. We will be adding about 4 more styles in the next couple weeks which include long sleeves t-shirts and toddler ringers.

Stickers – The PrintKEG team is working on solutions for coated and uncoated sticker options. We are currently investigating initial sizes to offer.

Magnets – Magnets could be a pretty cool addition to our product line, and we are troubleshooting our way into streamlining this product into our workflow. Update: we stopped printing magnets in 2012.

Koozies – We’re hoping to add koozies very soon. We are in quality testing mode at the moment, but its looking pretty good and Mr. Keg is excited! We discontinued Koozies in late 2011.

QR Code Treasure Hunt – Find prizes, discounts and learn more about PrintKEG with Mr. Keg’s treasure hunt where “QR code marks the spot!”

100% Recycled Card Stock – Right now PrintKEG offers 100% recycled paper for flyers, newsletters and brochures, but we’ve been wanting to add a 100% recycled card option for postcards, rack cards and business cards. We’re surprised at how little people choose recycled paper, but that’s not deterring us from doing our part in environmental responsibility. Update: We discontinued offering 100% recycled paper options since it was not selling well and most of our default paper is already partially recycled.

Those are some of the big moves we’re working on, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re always searching for ways to improve ourselves and offer the cheapest printing on the web!

– Chris