Like other online shirt companies such as Zazzle, Threadless and Cafepress, PrintKEG utilizes advanced DTG (direct-to-garment) technology for printing small t-shirt projects. DTG is basically the process of using a wide-format inkjet printer that is redesigned to print directly on t-shirts. The advantage over screen printing is the ability to quickly print small orders with exceptional quality.

printkeg staff showing off colored shirts
Some DTG printers only print on white shirts since the machine does not support white ink. Once you add the complexity of white ink, DTG printing becomes a more tedious process. White ink is required to print on any colored shirt since a bottom layer of white ink is first printed on the shirt so that the second layer of colors will accurately reflect the digital graphic being printed. Aside from the fact that colored t-shirts are generally more expensive than white t-shirts, custom colored shirts cost more since the printing process consumes more ink, more time and involves more risk.

Printing on colored t-shirts is an absolute must for any online t-shirt printing company. We launched a new website,, that allows customers to choose over thirty different shirt styles with their own sets of colors available. Customers can utilize our t-shirt designer to visualize any graphic on any of our shirts. Prices for colored shirts vary, but start around $13-$14 and reach as low as the $7-$8 range.

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