Lowest Print Price Guarantee

PrintKEG works diligently to ensure our website provides the absolute lowest printing prices on the web with quantities lower than 2000 (short run printing). If you find a price or online printing company lower than us, we will at least match it. Often times, we try to be the lowest price guaranteed so we try to undercut that competitor by 5% to 10%.

Go ahead and search. We would love to know who might be cheaper than us, but we’re pretty confident you won’t find anyone. Please review the following items when comparing prices:

1. The printing paper and size must be comparable.

2. Shipping and finishing prices not included.

3. Please consider turnaround times.

4. Disregard business card prices. Everything else is fair game.

5. We can’t possibly match sales prices.

Good luck! Happy hunting!

If you have any questions concerning our Lowest Price Guarantee on prints, please contact us.