Paper Options

We carefully select our paper and media offerings to ensure high quality prints at low prices.

Text Papers

Gloss Paper (80# Text) – This is our most popular inexpensive paper ideal for flyers, brochures and booklets and is typically utlized for advertising or mass marketing purposes. This stock is similar to the inner pages of the typical magazine which is why we use it for our booklets.

Matte Paper (70# Text) – Uncoated paper is excellent when the shine of gloss paper is undesired. This stock is also better for hand writing or autographs and is far superior to common copy paper. Uncoated papers feel almost as thick as our 80lb gloss papers. Once toner hits the uncoated paper, a matte-like finish is created. Many customers also take advantage of this paper for letterhead.

Paper Tip – The term “text” is an indication of a lighter weight paper (compared to “cover”) and does not suggest that only text can be printed on it.

Cover Stocks (70 or 80#)

Cover is the term manufacturere use to weigh heavier papers. 80# and 70# cover stocks are primarily utilized for more opaque flyer prints and as upgraded covers for booklets. 

Gloss Card (80# Cover) – This high quality, thick paper stock is excellent for shiny posters and thick flyers and will result in rich colors. Think the cover of a magazine for thickness comparison. Many artists implement this stock to resell artwork at affordable prices.

Matte Card (70# Cover) – This particular matte card boasts the same feel of 80# cover gloss, but with much less shine that exudes a more elegant print. This paper selection is fantastic for framing and perfect for an artist signature. Our 70# matte cover feels just as thick as our 80# gloss papers.

Card Stocks (100# and up)

We’ve expanded to many weights and offer them based on the product desired. We do this to ensure clients are not overwhelmed while also providing the best prices possible.

Gloss Card (110# Cover) – More sturdy than the 80lb cover and great for cards of all sizes. This is our cheapest alternative for printing postcards, rack cards and some fine arts produscts such as 8×10 art prints, but not offered for 8.5×11 flyers since those are very different products.

Gloss Card (130# Cover) – This card stock would be too expensive to provide for all products, but it greatly enhances the few products we implement if for – business cards, flat cards and note cards. With stationery and invitaitons, we thought an extrmely sturdy card stock was necessary.

Matte Card (100# Cover) – High quality and elegent card stock without the gloss shine. One of our favorites, this stock is a sophisticated alternative for postcards, fine arts products and small posters.

Matte Card (120# Cover) – This uncoated enhanced matte card stock is also offered with invitations, note cards and business cards.

Textured Matte (100# Cover) –  Chris Mullen, our founder, hand picked this wonderful paper himself. The media is the heart of our fine arts section and has been expanded to postcards and notecards giving artists of all types a textured alternative. This distinctive material is a high quality card stock that gives artwork a more authentic and rigid feel.

Paper Tip – The term “cover” is an indication of a heavier weight paper. You may notice there is an “80#” text and cover paper, but do not fear. In a nutshell, the two paper grades are weighed on different scales by paper manufacturers. Just remember, that “cover” papers are much heavier than “text” papers.

Wide Format (Large Posters, Banners etc.)

Gloss Photo Paper – Offered for large posters only (16 X20 and up), our Satin Glossy Photo Paper is a 235 g/m2 photographic paper and is optimized for photographic and high resolution prints. Its microporous surface allows for maximum ink absorption resulting in vibrant colors, fast dry time and superior fade resistance, all provided at a very competitive price. This premium HP media ensures perfect color, superior finish, and a 200 year archival rating.

Matte Photo Paper  We now offer a FSC Certified, unique 180 g/m2 Matte Photo Paper that’s heavy, thick, ripple-free, durable with an elegant smooth finish. Delivers full color graphics and photo-realistic images with uniform ink coverage.

Banner Vinyl – This scrim vinyl banner material is ultra thick and great for outdoor and indoor use. Its heavy weight of 480 g/m2 makes it an ideal material for banner printing that is to be used in open air environments or locations that require greater durability. Not intended as permanent signage. If you need a banner for long term outdoor purposes, please call customer service for a quote.

Art Canvas – Our canvas is a premium archival cotton/polyester (65/35) blend canvas. It’s stretchable, water-resistant, bright white matte surface is perfect for fine art and photo reproduction. It offers a high resolution coating that is pliable enough to withstand stretching without sagging, and displays a subtle texture for a true artistic look and feel.

Watercolor Paper – This 19 mil rigid watercolor paper combined with our high end graphics oriented inkjet wide format printers results in stunning giclee masterpieces. Available in our fine arts printing category.

Backlit Film – Our 8 mil, 275 gram polyester backlit film media is durable and color friendly. The scratch resistant media is highly flexible and ideal for indoor or outdoor displays in high-traffic areas.


Stickers, also referred to as decals, are made using a flexible matte vinyl suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Many sizes and shapes, including die cut, can be ordered.