Mobile is here

By Mr. Keg, September 1, 2010

UPDATE 5/15: Our website is now completely responsive, a development method allowing one design to work across all devices and screens. Before that technology was widely accepted, we created a fully capable mobile version of our shopping experience once located at That area is no longer available.

Our new mobile website is completed. Hooray!

We decided to create an entirely new website for smart phone browsers to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. Our standard website looks great on the iPhone, iPod and Android; however, we just couldn’t resist the urge to improve the smaller media experience and hopefully we’ll encourage customers to order by mobile device. Sure, more smart phones offer simple zooming or resizing, but we felt strongly about exclusively catering to a 4″ to 6″ screen. Apple’s iPad and iPad mini utilizes our standard site and look beautiful.

Our new mobile site has been tested on Apple’s iPhone and iPod, numerous Android smartphones and Blackberry devices. It is ridiculously easy to make orders and check order statuses from your smart phone now.

Update 10/13
We have continued to enhance our mobile printing website. Many products are available for price checking and ordering. Customers can also view the status of current orders. Our full sized website works wonderfully on most tablets and phablets. Our mobile website is mostly useful for price checking while on a smartphone. For technical issues or questions, please contact us.