Anything concerning poster printing which may involve our company, the industry or talented artwork. We especially love to review film posters, fan made posters, Etsy posters, and other digital artwork.

Bryan Loves Us

March 2, 2011

  Our new customer, Bryan Yost, really passed on some serious love to Printkeg. Due to our low prices and product quality, we’re very proud to admit that we consistently receive compliments from clients, but Bryan stuck out because he called AND emailed to rave about our services. We simply can not express how much […]

Albuquerque Comic Con!

December 29, 2010

In 2010, we printed some clever 12×18 posters for Albuquerque Comic Con. I just can’t help myself. I’m just a big fan of everything comic so why not throw a shout out to Albuquerque Comic Con? A few years ago, our family tried to get into San Diego’s Comic Con without luck due to a tremendously […]

Posters for Microsoft

October 15, 2010

As a little business, we thought it was pretty cool printing a small 18 X 24 poster order for Microsoft Corporation.     Although, I’m mostly an Apple guy now (some of my employees do work on computers with Windows though), I am looking forward to seeing their new Windows 7 phone and watching how Bing’s […]

Thanks Demic!

April 14, 2010

Demic, a PrintKEG customer, recently sent us some pics of him using his new prints for marketing. Here is what he said: “Excellent, I was surprised by the turnaround time and quality of the posters.  Here are pictures of our first day out promoting with them.” Thanks for the pics Demic! To see more of […]

Campaign and Political Posters

September 4, 2009

PrintKeg prints campaign and political posters that will get your candidate at least an extra point at the polls! Guaranteed! Okay, maybe not guaranteed, but we are pretty sure it will help (a bunch). Many politicians take advantage of PrintKeg’s card stock paper choices and ridiculously great prices. Any politician who uses our cheap printing […]

Band Posters Printing

September 4, 2009

PrintKeg prints custom posters and flyers for thousands of bands across the country each year. Our band posters are full color, printed on amazing gloss and matte papers and printed full bleed (which means art reaches edge-to-edge). Prints are perfect for placement on walls, windows, counters and almost any high traffic area. Many bands choose […]

24 X 36 Printing

September 3, 2009

There are many reasons to use PrintKEG’s 24 X 36 Printing services. Graphic artists and photographers across the nation take advantage of our unrivaled print quality. Our large posters make incredible wide format photography, family photos, photo enlargements, class photos, seminars, event promotions, collectibles, movie premiers, festivals and much more. Starting at only $18.99 each […]

18 X 24 Printing

September 3, 2009

At these price levels, we print some amazing 18 X 24 photo-quality short run posters. With fancy full-color digital printing, we provide beautiful short run posters for portfolios, gallery prints, and exclusive prints for resell. These medium-large posters are also ideal to be framed for a variety of reasons.   Five awesome papers for wide […]

13 X 19 Printing

September 3, 2009

13 X 19 posters are only printed on premium gloss and matte card stocks. Artists, musicians, event coordinators, sports directors and many more marketing specialists have been utilizing our incredible medium sized posters. If you’ve compared our 13×19 poster prices with other online print companies, there is no doubt you’ve witnessed just how inexpensive our […]

12 X 18 Printing

September 3, 2009

12 X 18 poster printing is a top performer when it comes to marketing in high traffic areas, which is a useful benefit for bands, festivals and events. The premium poster quality also make these guys ideal for class photos, sports posters, musicians, artwork,  festivals, events, advertisements and much more. Our prices are super cheap […]